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I’ve been thinking about producing weekly YouTube shows to help you with what is stopping you from achieving your aspirations. These shows are in the form of questions and answers. You send me your questions (by filling out the form below), and in each show I’ll pick a few questions and talk about them.

You can ask me ANYTHING (technical or non-technical), except the following:

  • Code not compiling or ​running on your machine
  • Exceptions you get at run-time

I don’t answer questions like that because I believe a programmer must be able to isolate and troubleshoot such issues on their machine themselves.

If you don’t learn the skills to troubleshoot such problems yourself, you’re going to have a difficult time working as a full-time software developer. Every single day you’re going to face such issues and I’m not there to help you. You cannot ask your colleagues for help every single time either. Your only resource is Google and try and error.

When I was a junior programmer, I didn’t even have Google. I used to stay up till 4am troubleshooting these problems. I had to comment out the code line by line, and look into exact locations of memory (talking about C++ and assembly back then) to find out what was happening. These days, you don’t have to do that. If you spend only 2 minutes, most of the time, you’ll find your answer on the first link on the first page of Google search results.

So, feel free to ask me any technical or non-technical questions. Your non-technical questions can be on topics such as getting a job, or if you have a job, you may have some challenges at work (e.g. collaborating with others especially strongly-opinionated developers in the team, etc). You may suffer from RSI (repetitive strain injuries), etc.

So, if you like me to answer your questions as part of my weekly shows, simply feel out the following form.

I love to hear about you, your aspirations and your challenges. Feel free to write as much detail as you want. This helps me better understand you and come up with proper advice in my shows.​​​


Hi, my name is Mosh Hamedani and I am the author of several best-selling courses on Udemy and Pluralsight with more than 130,000 students in 196 countries. You can see the list of all my web and mobile development courses on this website.

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