Learning Path To Become A Backend Developer in 2020

Are you looking for a career in Backend Development? To build complete applications beyond the user-interface companies need rockstar back-end developers. All the app data is stored and processed on the back-end. Back-end development is everything that happens behind the scenes. It is a variety of things like the databases, the business logic, the API […]

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Why Should I Pick GraphQL?

Have you heard of GraphQL and wondering if it would be a good fit for your next project? In this post, we are going to understand what GraphQL is, and its benefits. Introduction to GraphQL If you are new to GraphQL, here is the long story short. GraphQL is the new specification that you can use […]

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JavaScript spread and rest

Have you ever seen three dots (…) in any modern JavaScript code? Do you know that this syntax is used for spread and rest, two different features of JavaScript? In this article, you’ll learn the multiple usages of both features and discover how they can make your code more succinct, readable and elegant. One syntax, […]

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REST vs. GraphQL – A Comparison

Have you heard of GraphQL and not entirely sure how it is different from REST? In this post, we are going to address the fundamental differences between GraphQL and REST. A quick introduction to GraphQL In this post, I am not going to focus on explaining what GraphQL is, instead we are going to compare […]

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