Response to Students’ Feedback for My Next ASP.NET MVC Course

First of all, thank you so much for filling out the questionnaire about my next ASP.NET MVC course.

Thank You

Unfortunately, due to large number of responses and their anonymity, I can’t give a direct feedback to each of you. But I wanted to assure you that I’ve read every single comment and will do my best to include most of the topics you requested in my next course.

Most of you wanted to see me build an application end-to-end. I’ll definitely do that as part of the course. And no, it’s not going to be yet another toy app like a blog or todo list!

I’ll cover all the core topics as well as most of the advanced ones that you need to know. Some of the key things that many of you struggle with that I’ll definitely include in my course include:

  • Programming against interfaces: why and how
  • Dependency injection: what it is, why and when it’s required and how to do it
  • Repository pattern
  • Integration with front-end JS frameworks: Angular, Backbone and React
  • Real-time notifications with SignalR
  • Layered architecture and best practices
  • Security best practices 
  • Authentication and authorization
  • View Models: what they are, why we use them and when

Paul from UK wrote:

You get straight to the point: explaining concepts, evaluating and justifying design decisions and providing relevant, concise, clean and understandable example code, allowing the student to maxmise their time and learning. You help existing software developers to improve their skills and new software developers to learn the best practices from the very beginning. I think you’re quite unique in doing this

Thanks so much Paul for your beautiful words. Really appreciate it! 🙂

Another ASP.NET MVC course

In the meantime, I’ve been working on another ASP.NET MVC course but that’s not for beginners. It’s still under production and is going to be about 15 hours long. You’ll see me build a real-world application (a mini social network) end-to-end. This course is different from the one I’m going to create specifically for you and you can read more about it here.

Next course is going to be better!

I’ve learned a lot about course production since my first course: Double Your Coding Speed. There are many things I could have done better, in terms of delivery and audio/video production. So, I can guarantee that my next course is going to be better than all courses you’ve taken so far! So, stay tuned!

Can you do me a favour?

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So, could you please write a review for my courses you’ve watched and enjoyed? It takes only 30 seconds. Thanks!

Hi, my name is Mosh Hamedani and I am the author of several best-selling courses on Udemy and Pluralsight with more than 130,000 students in 196 countries. You can see the list of all my web and mobile development courses on this website.
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