Should you learn ASP.NET MVC 5 or ASP.NET Core 1?

A common question that I get a lot lately:

Mosh, I’m not familiar with MVC. I have some background in [ASP.NET WebForms, Classic ASP, etc]. Should I learn ASP.NET MVC 5 or ASP.NET Core 1?

A variation of this question is:

I’m confused about what to learn. What is the difference between ASP.NET MVC 5, ASP.NET MVC 6, ASP.NET 5 and ASP.NET Core 1?

So I thought to turn this into a short blog post.


ASP.NET Core 1 is the next version of ASP.NET MVC 5. Yes, the version number is confusing! It has gone through a few name changes. It started as ASP.NET vNext, then changed to ASP.NET 5, next was renamed to ASP.NET MVC 6 and eventually became ASP.NET Core 1.0. You’re not the only one frustrated about these name changes!

Scott Hanselman has explained the rationale behind these name changes perfectly in his post.

The Simple Answer

If you haveĀ little or no experience with ASP.NET MVC (any versions), and you’d like to learn it from me, your best source is my Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 course.

ASP.NET Core 1 is based on the same principles you learn in that course. More than 90% of what you learn is the same in the new ASP.NET. There are some improvements in the framework and the tooling. None of these are revolutionary! You can get up to speed with them by reading a few tutorials or watching a few videos. I’m planning to create a short (1 – 2 hour) course that helps developers with knowledge of ASP.NET MVC 5 transition to the new ASP.NET.

Having said all that, in my opinion, ASP.NET Core 1 is not quite production yet. There are still hiccups with Entity Framework 7 and unless you work in a very adventurous team, most teams and projects out there are based on ASP.NET MVC 5 or earlier.

Hope that answers your question.

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