Why I Quit My Job

I just sent out a survey asking my students to tell me what courses they want me to create for them in 2020. As I was reviewing the responses, I came across this message:


It almost put me in tears!

Seeing your success is the most rewarding part of my job. That’s what wakes me up every day and keeps me going despite the difficult times of course production. I love what I do! And I believe anyone can be successful if they do what they love to do.

That’s literally the only ingredient for success. Some people say it’s the determination and consistency that bring you success. I disagree. If you do what you love, determination and consistency come naturally.

I worked really hard in my last job and never got any recognition from the CEO. Every month, they awarded someone as the employee of the month. Most of the time, the nominees were people in the sales or customer support team, essentially anyone who brought more money on the table. Not us developers working at the back of the office. The CEO didn’t even know my name, nor did he care who I was. At the same time, I was getting a lot of “thank you” emails from my students for teaching online part-time.

That’s why I decided to quit and teach full time. I didn’t want to dedicate my time and energy making others rich who cared less about who I was.

I knew I’d be making less money than my full-time salary as a senior software engineer. But I didn’t care.

I knew that by teaching, I could help a lot of people in the world become successful. And I knew I’d hear from them, appreciating my work.

To the person who wrote this in the survey. I don’t know your name, I don’t know who you are and where you live, but I can tell you that I’m so proud of you. I’m proud of your determination and not giving up and getting to the top level. Well done!

I hope to hear more success stories like this.

Hi! My name is Mosh Hamedani. I’m a software engineer with two decades of experience and I’ve taught over three million people how to code or how to become professional software engineers through my YouTube channel and online courses. It’s my mission to make software engineering accessible to everyone.

66 responses to “Why I Quit My Job”

  1. Anna says:

    How do I “Like” this post! thank you!

  2. Osama says:

    Thank you and I hope you do what you have raised to spend all your time teaching, that is a very good sacrifice.
    Thank you again.
    Best regurds!🌹

  3. Matthew McGuff says:

    Thank you for all that you do. Your courses are outstanding and the manner in which you communicate concepts and ideas makes the world a better place. I too want to teach others how to code and only hope I can have the impact on them that you have had on me. Keep up the great content.

  4. Ziyad says:

    Thanks for what have you done yet, and going to do.

  5. Charlie says:

    You changed a lot of lives Mosh! I’m one of the living proofs 🙂 I was stuck in a career that I hated, when I started learning .NET with you. After several months of hard work I built a showcase application that got me hired as a web developer. It took a lot of determination and it certainly wasn’t an easy decision, having a family, but one year later (from getting hired) I am firmly going forward as a mid-tier developer (with good coding habits thanks to your emphasis on clean code) and I will certainly not stop there 🙂 You saved me from the brink of depression and enabled me to have a job that I love. I can first-hand understand how you feel about doing what you love! I also can’t thank you enough!

  6. Mmm says:

    I love your post so much, and It came at the time where I feel the same feeling of dissatisfaction from my work. I don’t know why those people in power don’t appreciate those who work with all energy and honest, they just look at those who give them numbers while those who care about values are nothing. They kill your energy and enthusiasm and create a person who just look like them without principals or values. You did the right thing, I’m from somewhere far from your destination but you could reach me with your courses and you made our lives me and others easier and you give us a chance to be confident in front of those who want to eliminate us and you gave us something that our mangers will not able to give someday . Thank you for your time and I don’t know if I’m going to come someday telling you that I have taken the same decision of yours.

  7. Phil says:

    I think what you say about all the praise going to depts likes sales etc whilst IT departments are so often hardly appreciated. I worked for a company that was cutting edge and we developed lots of great new products , fast to market etc and even kind of did DevOps type collaberation before it was even a thing with a close relation between development and ops/support. After one big launch were my team and a close dept along with several devs had basically pulled a miracle out of the bag after pulling a 36 hour shift there was a launch party at a big hotel , lots of free drinks etc and the CEO did a speech. He went on to thank lots of individuals and teams, some of which fully deserved, some got far more praise than they deserved but were from the shiny departments of marketing and product ideas, development got some praise then last came the IT Ops department who got thanked for “making sure our printers work everyday” . A far cry from the custom kernel we had to build to get an as yet to be released filesystem for high performance oracle clusters to work, working with redhat, oracle and dell engineers around the globe, setup in dev, prod and disaster recovery centres etc etc etc – we were doing things that hadn’t been done before and we were thanked for ensuring the printers worked (which they did also for the whole company). About 5 us got up and walked out and the dept got an email from the ceo a week later with “special thanks for the extra work we did recently”. I left some months later as did a few others. Things are changing a bit now but there are still companies out there that dont realise they rely on the Tech / IT teams a lot more than they realise and those teams will be around making the AI customer support bots and automatic accounting systems for a long time to come

  8. test test says:

    Hey Mosh,
    Can you please update the React course material?

  9. Olivier Auber says:

    Very inspiring! Congratulations on your decision!

  10. Amen, brother. Not long ago, I “quit” my job (when I was laid off from a pretty decent job – small company, more like a family – and never searched for another in earnest because I couldn’t stomach the thought of working at another soul-less behemoth.) After some months of soul-searching and needed rest, I’ve picked myself up, plastered the words “screw employers, I’m going to get me a bunch of USERS!” on my whiteboard and set to work. You’re a part of that journey back, for me, thanks for doing a very fine job of teaching, and affordably.

  11. davidmm1707 says:

    Today I taught a new programmer how to use Vue and I had a lot of fun. Hours passed as if they were minutes.

    I always wanted to teach how to program, that’s why I offered, but I never thought it was a lot of fun. I may start teaching people online on 1-to-1.

    And yes, also as a way out of my current job.

  12. Physics.IgnoreCollision(Me, YourTrigger.Collider) says:

    Mosh, this is an absolutely incredible statement you have made. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us. It’s truly inspiring to hear the reason you quit was because of good morals, not due to high stress. The Buddha teaches that all humans are initially born with a “Buddha Nature”, a core inner love, happiness, and accepting for all. As our brains grow more complex, we become convoluted, and form bad logic based on real life variables, like social constructs. My brain definitely required some debugging..

    while(social_constructs == true)
    case 0:
    if (you == do what you love)
    social_constructs = false
    Human.Brain = Determination, Consistency and happiness come naturally;

    Debug.Log(“I am a fulfilled, happy, human-being!”);

    case 1:
    happiness = Random.Range(money, compromise);

    Debug.Log(“I never did what I wanted to do, but I did okay for my self”);

    happiness = (money > everything);
    more money = more success;
    more money = more respect;
    more money = more friends;
    more money = more happiness;
    more success = more money;
    more success = more respect;
    more success = more friends;
    more success = more happiness;
    more respect= more money;
    more respect= more success;
    more respect= more friends;
    more respect= more happiness;

    Debug.Log(“I will do ANYTHING to make my self happy!”);

    Anyway, I say this because in my programming notebook, I now have a section for inspirational quotes that really speak to me.

    Here are they are so far:

    “I love what I do! And I believe anyone can be successful if they do what they love to do.

    That’s literally the only ingredient for success. Some people say it’s the determination and consistency that bring you success. I disagree. If you do what you love, determination and consistency come naturally.
    – Mosh Hamedani, Coding Made Simple”

    “The Oxford English Dictionary contains over 171,000 words, and over 615,000 definitions. In programming there are only around 100 words to learn.”

  13. ALEXANDRE says:

    Hello Mosh, I love your course. Thank you for share with us all you know.

  14. Another instructor says:

    Why are you (and others) putting SO MUCH free content on YouTube? You’re driving down the value of paid courses.

  15. Greg says:

    The world owes everything to its teachers. We are where we are as a society because of education and passionate individuals like yourself.

    Thank you so much for all your work!

  16. dlt123me says:

    Mosh, your teaching style is very clear and never strays from the topic. I’ve taken C# classes some time ago, and forgot a lot. Your C# class on Udemy is excellent. You have a real knack for teaching. I have learned a lot from your class and will look at your other classes. You are a good instructor and I wish you much success in your training/ teaching career.

    Also, I am retired now, but worked for a high tech company and made good money. Money does not always mean success. If you are not happy with what you do, you’re missing the point. Seems you only find that out as your get older. grin… Take a chance, and reach for your dreams, otherwise, you will look back when you’re older, and wish you had. Keep it up.

  17. prado says:

    He! He! I know which company you are referring to 🙂 I worked there and felt the same! All the best@

  18. jrl says:

    You’re a great teacher, Mosh. Keep it up.

  19. Stories like this are inspiring. Thanks for sharing and for teaching, Mosh

  20. Tarah says:

    I love the way you teach and never get bored. I’m learning C#, thank you, Mosh!

  21. Teejay says:

    Thanks Much. You are a life changer… Just keep it up. You are not recognized by your CEO, but potential developers all over the world recognize and appreciate you. I missed your dot net core training now that Microsoft has ship so much new features blazer and othrrs

  22. Neal says:

    What? You didn’t get any recognition? CEO didn’t know your name?
    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo That never happens. 🙂

    Good, I’m glad you quit, you should’ve done it sooner.
    Honestly, nowadays you’re lucky if they even recognize your skills.

  23. TONG LIN says:

    well done!good luck with your future!

  24. Inspiring… Thank you very much Mosh!!

  25. Åshok says:

    Great decision. I also learnt Angular 4 from your tutorials. Liked your line – “If you do what you love, determination and consistency come naturally.”

  26. Osvald says:

    I am a self taught developer. I bought Your course about backbone.js, which I will need for my next job. Thank You very much. This will save me months of time. As to “making money for rich”, I also have no motivation work for money exclusively. I need a feeling that I am doing something that is needed, something good for the society. So I choose job in a medical company, that develops apps for their own needs. And that what You wrote about bigger salaries for sales persons is not fair in my opinion too, but there will be “shewers” as long as there is “sheep”. We (developers) need to have higher self-assessment.

  27. Abhishek says:

    The guy is from India, because the application JioPay is a developed by a major mobile service provider, Jio. Now millions of people using JioPay will benefit INDIRECTLY from your teachings.

  28. Marko says:

    Keep up the great work Mosh! You’re Number One! You’re courses are great, I’m learning a lot

  29. Daniel says:

    Never quit, Mosh! I work as a software engineer (without a formal education/degree) and A LOT of what I’ve learned comes from your courses.

  30. Kunal says:

    You are great Guru. Keep it up. Thanks.

  31. MPOY Patrice says:

    Many developpers recognize and appreciate you. You are a great teacher .Thank you Mosh

  32. Shahzaib says:

    Mosh Hamedani Trust me you’ll earn more respect and money in teaching field.
    Because your heart is pure.
    You are teaching students to change their lives not your own by earning extra money.
    Hats off to YOU n to your efforts.

  33. Lampan says:

    Dear Mosh.. thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am one of those proud students of you and I hope someday I will also make you proud.

  34. Dan Hero says:

    NIce One Mosh,

    You will never regret your actions.

  35. bartek says:

    Great to hear that Mosh, can’t wait to see your new lessons! 🙂

  36. Abdul Rehman says:

    Well Mosh. We Love you very much. No teacher has so much of feelings for a student. YOU MIGHT NOT BE RECOGNIZED BY YOUR CEO BUT NOW YOU ARE KNOWN TO THE WORLD NOW.

  37. walid says:

    i have experienced the same think . thank you very you much your are the best.
    i like your courses because it’s simple clear go straight to the point and resolve a real problem i feel like addicted to your series i bought the mvc courses then entity framwork then C# advanced then angular please if possible we need tfs and sharepoint series

  38. Teacher is one of the 16 personality types, and the classification is very well recognized and accepted. It says:

    “The Teacher

    ENFJs are idealist organizers, driven to implement their vision of what is best for humanity. They often act as catalysts for human growth because of their ability to see potential in other people and their charisma in persuading others to their ideas.”


    I am a super fan of you and your courses! Keep up the great works!

  39. jessica says:

    I love this post. I am currently a junior programming and it’s exciting, but also frightening. I love programming. I really want to be really good and build my own stuff. I know I just need to keep at it. This post was really inspiring and I love that you are doing something you are more passionate about, then just wasting your time for people who do not even care.

  40. Nuno Almeida says:

    Dear Mosh,
    Just to thank you for sharing such a great message with us! I want you to know how much I appreciate the time, effort, and love you put in all your courses! Even though I am not using React, I bought your course just because of the simple, no nonsense, practical approach. You have a gift in that you can take seemingly complex topics and turn them into something manageable and easier to understand!
    I hope to be able to enjoy your mentoring for years to come!

  41. Chris says:

    Congratulations Mosh! I’m so looking forward to al the great courses you can do now without the other job getting in the way of your creativity.

  42. In online teaching, you’re the best teacher for us. 👍 Keep up the good work.. 👏

  43. Ploy says:

    I’ve watched many videos in the past five years and your video (.net MVC) is the first one that I actually finished and enjoyed every minute. Most of the videos I watched put me to sleep. I learned so much from you. Keep it going teacher! You’re awesome!

  44. sagar wankhade says:

    Thanks, Mosh for sharing these thoughts with us. It’s truly inspiring. Looking forward to more tutorials that will change the lives of people. All the best for your new beginning as a Full-Time Mentor.

    Most inspiring lines as a simple success mantra:

    “I love what I do! And I believe anyone can be successful if they do what they love to do.

    That’s the only ingredient for success. Some people say it’s the determination and consistency that bring you success. I disagree. If you do what you love, determination and consistency come naturally.
    – Mosh Hamedani, Coding Made Simple”

  45. Dirk Fraanje says:

    God blessed you with a big talent for teaching so I believe you’ve made the right desicion!

  46. Manoj says:

    Yes ! I am one of them who is feeling pretty confident after watching your object oriented JavaScript and Angular courses on udemy. Actually I am graduate with non computer science and I was working as web designer from the last 10-12 year. I was using Photoshop, jquery, javascript html css. But now a days no one asking web designer in the market. They are asking either full fledged Graphic Designer or full fledged front end developer. And I was struggling in the Javascript and Angular. At the time I was thinking my time has gone. Now after watching your videos I am feeling confident. Thank you very much.

  47. Fares Ayyad says:

    Thank you very much Mosh you are the best really, i wish more and more success for life.

  48. Mosh, you basically brought it to the point (as usual 😉 )!
    its not about “how good” you are in your job, its all just about “how much do you love what you do”
    i also quit my last job for similar reasons you did. now i am in a pretty small company, way underpayed, but we all have pure pleasure in doing our business. and that is sooooo much more than money can buy!
    and know what? i first saw your vids on yourtube… then i subscribed to your courses. why? because its not only because your an extraordinary teacher with very indepth knowlege sharing to his students… nope, its because one can really see how much you love what you do! its not just knowledge, its a way of life! a way, everyone should follow, no matter whatever profession!

    keep rollin’ mosh! thank you!

  49. David says:

    You did the right thing dude. Never give up, your work is gold. One day, if you ever feel like doubting yourself, come back and read this comment section again and you will be reminded of this truth.

  50. Markus says:

    Thanks for all your lectures Mosh!
    They have helped me a lot in school when learning .Net and C#.

    Your React course have been fundamental to get up and running with React quickly.
    From almost 0 knowledge of React to building my own React Apps working for a bank in Sweden.

    Thanks once again!
    Keep up the good work!

  51. Toni says:

    We all love the content you are creating. Thank you for helping us Mosh!

  52. Srinath Nanduri says:

    Mosh ! Can’t wait to see the awesome content you are going to churn out now that you are free from the shackles of corporate world. These are exciting times for us and contentment for you as your courses touch a lot of people around the globe .

  53. Maheswari says:

    Work is important and the recognition for the work done is so much important. We recognize you , follow you and recommend you to lot of people its because we love your work and the way you describe the things. Lots might have conveyed thanks to you.. You don’t know the count of the thanks which was not conveyed to you. Really lot of professionals getting benefited. Thank you so much Mosh.

  54. Ian russel Adem says:

    Just One week.Yes just one week after I bought Python course and watch-and-code 4 hours a day in seven days, I applied and hired as A Django/Python Fullstack Dev in UK’s leading award winning network and cloud hosting solution.Mosh’s teaching technique is top notch

  55. Vinit Raut says:

    Can you please do a course on System Design?

  56. Mike Edwards says:

    I’ve been coding for over 19 years and recently decided it was high time to review my skills and invest in learning some of the latest technologies. I discovered your courses on Udemy some months ago and have been working my way through them one by one ever since. You have an excellent presenting style and I find your lectures far more captivating than many others which I have been unable to finish.

    I think you have made a wise decision, as you are clearly an excellent teacher and mentor. Life is not all about financial gain, what matters is most is that you are happy and you are loved!

    I wish you all the best for the future!

  57. Altair Mercier says:

    You save a lot of lives brother, thank you.

  58. Roland says:

    Silly me, I thought this WAS your job! (You’re that good at it.)

  59. kum says:

    I totally agree with you..Your courses are very clear and very well structured.I was changing careers and your courses helped me a lot..You’re an inspiration!

  60. Shireef A A Sadek says:

    I really wish you the best of luck and success Mosh, you make us happy and full of trust

  61. Prad says:

    Thanks Mosh for all your support .. You are true inspiration to many!! Keep up the good work!

  62. Nicolas Maziol says:

    You got quite the following here! Looking fwd to so
    me badass new content 🙂

  63. Keerthi says:

    You are indeed a great coach. subscribing to your youtube channel now 😀

  64. ghazaleh says:

    Your courses are GREAT,the way you explain, … I Love the way you teach and thank you so much 🙂

  65. Grateful Student says:

    More power to you.. Really happy that there are people like you out there who have the courage to do the right thing and follow their passion. I know in few months or maybe couple of years you will make more money as a teacher than you would as a developer.. I can feel it :).. Just hang in there… and if it doesn’t work out you can always go back to being a Sr dev for another company.. This was definitely the smart thing to do..

  66. Emre Gozel says:

    Amazaing post and yes I think same with you. I quite my full time job one and half year ago. I’m full time freelancer right now. My life standard incrased %200.

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