My Upcoming Courses in 2019

I keep getting questions about yet another ASP.NET Core course because the current version is different from the one that I created two years ago.

To be honest, I was planning to create a new ASP.NET Core course but after extensive research, I’m disappointed to see that ASP.NET Core has not picked up as much as I was hoping. Based on my findings, Node/Express and Python/Django are the top two stacks used these days for the back-ends.

I’ve already created several courses about the ASP.NET stack and despite the fact that these courses are a bit old now, the fundamentals I’ve covered remain valid and relevant. In these courses, I’ve taught you how to think like a software engineer and how to deliver working software with proper architecture and automated tests. I’m sorry but I’m not going to repeat all that stuff just because a few classes got renamed, or the configuration settings are now different, or Microsoft can’t make up their mind whether they prefer .xproj or .csproj for projects!

So, the bottom line is: ASP.NET Core is off the list in 2019. It may come back in the future depending on how things go. But I doubt it’ll ever get as popular as Node/Express and Python/Django. I could be wrong! We’ll have to wait and see.

So, what’s coming in 2019?

Before I give you the list, remember:

This is just a tentative plan. No promises!

I’m currently working on a complete course on SQL with MySQL. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to properly learn the SQL language whether they use MySQL or other database management systems. You’ll learn everything about designing, developing and maintaining databases. I’m planning to release it sometime in early April.

The other courses on my list (not in any particular order):

  • Java (most likely the course after SQL)
  • Android
  • C++
  • Django
  • Redux
  • Vue.js

Again, the list may get changed!



Hi! My name is Mosh Hamedani. I’m a software engineer with two decades of experience and I’ve taught over three million people how to code or how to become professional software engineers through my YouTube channel and online courses. It’s my mission to make software engineering accessible to everyone.

53 responses to “My Upcoming Courses in 2019”

  1. Robert Luman says:

    I would love to see a C++ class from you! I’ve noticed Udemy and other online educations sites like it don’t seem to have decent C++ courses from what I’ve found, and certainly not to the degree of depth you go into with the same level of explanation behind it all. Looking forward to that!

  2. Alan says:

    Hi Mosh, I’m your student in a feel courses, as some of C# and the new Node.Js. I would like to know your opinion: If you are building a software, a Rest, with complex e need to performance, wich language do you would choose to build the backend? C# (WebAPI) ou Node.js (Express)? Why?

  3. Foluis de Monterrey says:

    Hello, keep up! Great work. By the way you dont have to do a new course for .net, maybe just some video updates. Anyway I like your style

    • Sagnalrac says:

      You’re kidding, right? Mosh HATES updating videos of his existing courses, no matter if the information is wrong/incomplete (for example, in his “C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and Object-oriented Programming” course, OOP has only 3 pillars, according to him, but in his “Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript” course now the OOP has 4).

      Besides of that fact, I’d really like to see a ASP.Net Core 3.0 course by him, with all the updates to MVC Core and EF Core.

  4. jayontasarkar025 says:

    Hi Mosh,
    Golang of google is getting popular. Can you create a course on golang.

  5. Razib says:

    I’m waiting for that day, Learning C++ from you it’s another level. Still, I’m afraid that low level language are hard to understand, writing, building. Actually, I want to build desktop application with C++. Hope I’m right that it’s runs way more faster. I’m eagerly waiting.
    Please, Could you bring this technology at the top in your list? Thanks

  6. Sundeep says:

    Hi Mosh,
    How about a course on Data structures & Algorithms in C#.
    There are very few using C# anyway. Also the course will always be relevant/in demand.

  7. MSM Ramzan says:

    It would be great if you can do Django course next.

  8. Emad Alhamou says:

    please, i need Course Ionic4 from you πŸ™‚

  9. Raul says:

    What happen with React Native course?? Keep doing your great work. Thanks

  10. Justin says:

    Have you considered doing courses around more specific technologies such as Microsoft’s Bot Framework?

  11. Ramin says:

    Please do a social network project with django

  12. Rahul Singh says:

    Hi mosh I would like to hear that you should make courses for

  13. Abdullah says:

    Waiting for Django!!! I can’t find any tutorial online which helps me in getting mastery in Django. Please upload it as soon as possible. I like your approach of explaining complex concepts in very simple way.

  14. Waqar abbas says:

    please also try to add React Advance and React Native In your list.

  15. Nabil says:

    Please add Swift course too

  16. BIssengo says:

    Hi Mosh, I am one of your student in complet node backend course. Please would you be kind to update the angular 4 to angular 7 with new projects included? sorry if I ask more

  17. Ashfaque says:

    My wish list for a great teacher like Mosh:-

    1. C++ (Basics, intermediate,advanced – embedded systems/robotics related application examples)
    2. VueJS (Vuex,NuxtJS)

  18. What do you think is the reason of ASP.NET Core not being so popular?

  19. Meg says:

    +10 for Django πŸ™‚

    Doing the Python one now and plan on learning Django after. A course from you there would really be nice, as the ones out is generally bad. And old.

  20. vineet says:

    I would love to see Java course & It would be really interesting to see explanation of collection part of java

  21. Noah says:

    Hello, I would be very interested in seeing your approach to writing HTML/CSS. My current solution is very tedious and involves constantly sorting through documentation, mainly from Mozzilla; which while being great, can be slightly overwhelming. Useful tricks and the proper ways to do things for SEO and accessibility requirements for screen readers and also building things to be responsive are topics I am particularly looking for. Also, finally having a sufficient grasp of the technology to lean less on the documentation and become more productive would be a relief!

  22. Bhaskar Das says:

    Have any plan for Electron.js in future??

  23. John Snow says:

    I really liked the upcoming courses list.. but i would suggest to start with Android development after the SQL course.. Most of Android courses out there are either poorly structured or difficult to digest. Universities teach us programming languages but not how to use them in the real world.. so what’s the benefit of doing the same as universities do in your online courses??

  24. Too bad you are not doing a course on ASP.NET Core in 2019, but there are plenty of courses on this topic out there. (It is just that I like your style of teaching). Maybe you can do one after .NET Core 3.0 release, that includes cross platform desktop applications.

  25. ming wu says:

    react native and flutter are very popular. It could be a good idea to publish courses on these two.

  26. Brandon says:

    I’m excited about a few different items on the list. Your courses are great and always a reference point for me. Thank you for always making great content.

  27. Mones says:

    Hi Mosh, I really like your courses. I hope that you make courses on Golang, Rust, and Dart/Flutter. They are modern and performant languages and I feel that they will become more popular/in-demand than languages like Java and C++ in the near future.

  28. You have amazing courses on c# but lacking in offer a course on core mvc, in order to have a full stack, I was so sorry I had to buy a course from somebody else in order to learn it.

  29. Jack Parkes says:

    Looking forward to the Django course!

  30. Alex Goot says:

    I am having a hard time following other people’s programming tutorials but with you, I can easily grasp every concept and expand my knowledge. Thank you and I hope you can teach more aspiring programmers to become pragmatic software developers and unlock their full potential. Happy coding. <3

  31. dpadula says:

    I’m really waiting for the C++ course. I imagine it like no other course about this language.

  32. Renan Coelho says:

    I just have purchased the Mastering React course, but now asking for Redux course! Thx, Mosh! 😎

  33. Gowtham says:

    Sir, we looking forward to your Django Crash Course. I’d love to learn stuffs from you.

  34. tinhcao says:

    For me it will be great if your next course is C++

  35. Rajesh says:

    I’m waiting for the Redux because we ate all in the middle of react

  36. imvamsi7 says:

    Bring on Redux please! Also we’d like to see Vuex along with the Vue js course!

  37. JoeB says:

    Please i want to Java course.. For some reason, i strongly feel that i have to do your java training before i can be confident with my java skills..
    Your good coding practise and clear explanation would give me the confidence that i need.

  38. Diego Padula says:

    The courses on the list are excellent. The quality of teaching is unbeatable. What are the chances of change the order ? C++ first in the list?

    Another question: Is there a chance to give a continuous integration course?

    Thanks again.

  39. Mukti Nikhil Desai says:

    Waiting for Android course

  40. SriHarsha says:

    Course on Fundamentals of algorithms and data structures.

  41. Anees Mir says:

    Hi Mosh,
    I am a software professional in Java, php and nodejs and working as CTO for product companies with 18 yrs of experience… from last 6 years I have focused more on business development… I was always in touch with programming as it is my passion. Last few months I am rediscovering myself with new technologies. I came across your videos on youtube on react and express. You remind me of my programming days. I have subscribed to your courses on O really admire the way you have structured the courses, explain concepts, used examples, project works and refactoring code. I have already completed Mastering React, The complete Node.js course and Redux in Angular with Python Programming for Dev.
    Simultaneously, I have been exploring React native and flutter for development of mobile apps with single codeabase.
    I would request to if could do some course on Reaact Native and Flutter

  42. Ahmed Mahmood says:

    Android and Java in a single course ? why not ?!

  43. Rami Makram says:

    You are simply an amazing instructor Mosh!
    We need a course regarding Dockers, Kebernetes, containers, versioning.. that’s the era now

  44. lu says:

    Would you make another node course which shows how to make more big app with sql with more tables and testing? Thanks.

  45. M Saleh D says:

    Hi Mosh,
    Why Java? What about Kotlin? Think about it.

  46. Oz says:

    Any chance for continuous integration course?

  47. Miski says:

    Can’t wait for Django course. πŸ™‚

  48. Errol says:

    I think the web is the way forward, so I agree Noah and suggest you do an HTML/CSS course next.

  49. Errol says:

    HTML/CSS please.

  50. Errol says:

    I’ll purchase your Django course the minute you release it!

  51. JB says:

    Please We strongly need the HTML and CSS course..
    We need this course as a strong foundation for any of the other courses if we need to be front end developers or full stack developer

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