Get paid to work with Me!

I constantly get requests about creating new courses and with 24-hour days I’m constantly behind my schedule. There are courses that many of you have been awaiting for a long time!

So, to speed things up, I’m looking for a passionate teaching assistant who can help me produce new courses faster and support my existing students. This will be a part-time job with the potential to go full-time.



In order to be considered for this position:

  • You should be a US citizen
  • You should be fluent in English and have excellent writing skills
  • You should be a great communicator
  • You should have a passion for learning and teaching new things



As a teaching assistant, you’ll help me with one or more of the following tasks. This depends on your capabilities and interests.

Creating materials for my future courses
I’ll give you some direction about a course topic and your job will be to come up with the structure for a course as well as the detailed materials for each lecture. This includes the script, slides, examples, and exercises. I’ll use these materials to create new videos.

In order to be considered for this, you should have a fair amount of understanding of the given topic and have excellent writing skills (for writing the script).

Writing blog posts
This involves writing a clean, professional and properly formatted post on a given topic. You should have excellent writing skills and pay great attention to the readability and formatting of these posts.

Answering the questions on the discussion boards
You should have a fair amount of experience on a given topic (e.g. C#, Angular, etc) and be able to answer students’ questions. You don’t have to be an expert in the given topic but willing to research and guide students in the right direction.

Reviewing the upcoming courses
Once I record and edit my videos, you’ll have to watch each lecture and make sure all the videos are edited properly, all the supplementary materials are there and the course is ready to go live.



To apply, fill out the following this Google Form. Since I may be receiving a large number of applicants, I won’t be able to respond to each of you individually. So, I’ll reach out only to eligible applicants.

Hi! I’m Mosh Hamedani and I help ambitious developers take their coding skills to the next level. Over the last 3 years, I’ve taught over 200,000 students through my online courses and my YouTube channel has been watched over 5.7 million times! It’s my mission to make coding and software engineering accessible to everyone.

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