Become a Full-stack .NET Developer

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Have you ever wondered how professional developers build an application from A to Z? Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced developer and want to brush up your front-end and/or back-end skills, you’re going to love my Pluralsight course: Become a Full-stack .NET Developer.

I’ll teach you software engineering mindset: how you should think as a software engineer to build a real-world application from a dry requirements document.

In particular, you’ll learn how to:

  • Extract core use cases from requirements
  • Build an application end-to-end in a systematic fashion
  • Use Entity Framework code-first workflow to build a model
  • Build RESTful APIs using ASP.NET Web API
  • Use CSS to build beautiful user interfaces
  • Improve usability of your applications
  • Implement security best practices
  • Write clean, maintainable and robust code
  • Refactor your code
  • Version your code using TFS
  • Implement clean and decoupled architecture
  • Write automated tests
  • And more…


This course assumes you have some basic familiarity with ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6 and front-end development (eg HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap). It doesn’t teach you any of these technologies in detail. Instead, it’ll show you how to combine these technologies to build a real-world application (a mini social networking app) end to end.

If you want to learn ASP.NET MVC and/or Entity Framework in detail, I’d encourage you to check out my following courses on Udemy:

On PluralSight

This course comes in 3 parts and I’d highly recommend you to take all parts in sequence to get the most out of this course.

Will this course be available on Udemy in the future? I’m afraid to say no. Pluralsight owns this content and the only way for you to watch this course is to get a Pluralsight subscription. You can get a one-month subscription just to take my course, plus you get access to several thousand quality courses. I promise you’ll never be disappointed!

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