Top Design Patterns to master in Node/TypeScript

Over the years I have seen that there is one thing that separates a seasoned developer from a freshman: the extent to which they use Design Patterns! But What are Design Patterns? Design patterns are tried and tested holy grail of solutions to the most common code design problems which have stood the test of […]

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Using GraphQL in your Python Django application

REST API has been the most popular architectural style for designing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It provided better efficiency, increased scalability & improved performance to its counterpart SOAP. However, REST API encounters a few major drawbacks as the app complexity grows: Inflexible Structure In the REST API paradigm Server defines the structure of the data […]

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Getting started with react-redux

You have finally decided that you are going to use React for your application and you are all pumped up to start development until that fateful moment when you realize┬áthat you need data from a different component & the complexity of passing that data through props is making your code & your life HELL. Here […]

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== vs === vs

Have you ever been stuck with a problem in your application and realize the issue is due to equality(==) operator. I know I have!! But why exactly this happens? The comparison between values is done using 2 things: a) Value which is your operand b) Type which is the type of your operand like string, […]

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React Fiber

Before we understand how & what fiber is, let us understand what exactly happens when you want to render something on the Browser using react It includes 2 main components Reconciler Renderer Reconciler All the changes that needs to be applied to the current tree of React Elements to reflect the updated state on the […]

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React Props vs State

What are Props? What is State? Should I use props or state? What impact do they have? What is the difference between props and state?   Do you have these kinds of questions when you start working with React? Yes? So let me tell you one thing, these are all relevant questions and clarity of […]

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