Hi! I am Mosh Hamedani and I help ambitious developers take their coding skills to the next level. Since I started teaching online 3 years ago, I’ve taught over 140,000 students in 192 countries and my YouTube channel has been watched 3.8 million times.

I’ve been working as a software engineer for the past 17 years and I love to share my knowledge with you. It’s my mission to make coding and software engineering accessible to everyone.

Outside the programming world, I’m an artist, a Latin dancer and a jazz pianist.

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  1. G’Day Mosh I was surprised to find you living here in Australia. I am a huge fan of your Udemy courses, being enrolled in the 3 C# courses and am in awe of your abilities and knowledge. I am a stupid old farmer(50 odd) living near Goolgowi NSW. I’m not sure I have the intelligence to master programming but I am giving it a red hot go. Finding time to invest in learning is a problem especially with cotton harvest coming up in the coming weeks. If you have any tips that will speed my development please feel free to pass them on. I am mulling over investing in Resharper after witnessing its potential from your courses, but feel I should master the basics of VS2013 first. My ebook of choice is “Head First C#” which seems to align with your courses and my current learning progress. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Please keep on producing these type of courses as they give me hope I can succeed with my goal of producing agriculture related software in the not to distant future. THANKS! PS if you ever feel the need to get away from the big smoke or witness a cotton harvester in action you are welcome to visit us here in the sticks. Forever in your debt, Mark.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mark! Thanks for writing to me. Great to see someone from Aus here!

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my courses. I’m still new in this industry and with every course I learn ways to improve the quality of my courses. Hopefully, you’ll like the new courses as much as the old ones and even more! I noticed you’ve joined my mailing list. So, you’ll get updates when I publish new courses. Again, thanks for writing to me! 🙂

      • matej skerjanc says:

        You’re new to this? Well you’re heading in the right direction. I consider myself more or less experienced developer and yet i find so many new things from your videos and another plus its all comprehensible…to be honest the only educational programming videos I bought are yours. Speaks for itself hopefully:)

        Keep up the good work

  2. moslem says:

    salam jenabe hamedani
    omidvaram haletoon khoob bashe
    man kheili shiveye amoozeshetoon ro doost daram
    ghasd daram doreye amoozeshie c# shoma ro dar site udemy tahie konam.
    vali emkan kharid az iran faraham nist.
    age mishe raveshi baraye kharid az iran tadarok beinid ke barname nevis haye irani ham betoonan dore haye amoozeshie shoma ro tahie konan.
    movafagh bashid

  3. Matt says:

    Hello Mosh

    I was wondering where I should start with your courses and which courses to take after the first?


    • admin says:

      Start with C# Basics, then Intermediate and next Advanced. You can also watch Clean Code and Double Your Coding Speed in parallel once you finish the basics.

  4. Iryna says:

    Hi Mosh! Do you have piano jazz classes? I am doing C# and .net for years, bu dreaming to learn jazz piano.

  5. Rich says:

    Bought your angular course.. Helped me greatly and want to say you have a great style of teaching. Most voices put me to sleep but your your upbeat attitude throughout the course is fun and engaging… makes all the difference and look forward to more of your courses. Thank you mosh!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much Rich! I know what you mean by voices that put you to sleep. Haha! Could you please leave a review on Udemy? I’d really appreciate it. 🙂

  6. Jon says:

    Loved your Angular Typescript course! BTW waiting for your MVC 5 course. 🙂

  7. Jafar says:

    Salom Moshfeg.

    I have enjoyed your Angular2 and TypeScript courses. In the process of learning Angular2, I faced with a problem. I have got the following error in Chrome Browser when use your angular2-seed project:
    “Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: object is not a constructor at then (native)”.
    Fortunately, I googled some and found solution. I just put “angular2-polyfills.js” in top of script list.

  8. Daniel says:

    Hi Mosh,

    i just finished “The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course” and it was awesome. I realy like your way of teaching as you are showing your complete workflow. I’m realy looking forward to the follow up course. I did get the whole MVC big picture and I only missed a section about Areas, maybe custom filters and Editor Templates. Thanks and keep up the good work, best course I’ve ever seen on that specific topic and it’s absolutly worth its price.

  9. fattaneh ameri says:

    I like your teaching technique ,fast,briefly and very helpful. Thank you so much.

  10. raziyeh says:

    salam aghay hamedani
    man raziyeh hastam az Washington, kheily etefaghi video angular shoma ro didam va ali bod, aya video dige ham dar sathe advance angular darid?

    va hamintor javascript?


  11. David M.Z says:

    You are great!

  12. Talal Shoaib says:

    You are a gem!

    Thank you so much for such a knowledgeable website…hats off to you!!!

    Good luck

  13. Jonathan Muñoz says:

    Hi Mosh I really enjoy you’re courses, I’m currently taking your EF course. I really hope yo do make an architecture course, that would be great.

    • admin says:

      I’ve talked about architecture and unit testing of ASP.NET MVC apps in the third part of my Pluralsight course: “Become a Full-stack .NET Developer”.

  14. Jonathan Muñoz says:

    Great course, already started it. Thanks!

  15. Joy Saha says:

    Sir, I can’t thank you enough. My Brother bought me your full stack development course. And in one word WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW…..

    I believe my career is going to take a good turn. Thak you sooo very much sir. Thank you.

  16. Joy Saha says:

    Sir, I can’t thank you enough. My Brother bought me your full stack development course. And in one word WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW…..

    I believe my career is going to take a good turn. Thank you sooo very much sir. Thank you.

  17. Todd says:

    Hey Mosh,

    Just curious… What makes you choose ASP.NET MVCs to develop your professional applications with, vs. say, node.js? You obviously know both of these technologies so I was just wondering why you’ve chosen one over the other. I personally really enjoy ASP.NET but many of my friends use MEAN stack.

  18. alex says:

    Good day Mosh, you make very good video, probably one of the best with i saw. For me was a very big pleasure to see your video course. But i have two question

    1) in you video course Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code, in visual studio you have stack overflow search up in window, could you be so kind tell about this extensions?

    2) Could you also tell, please, about text color in this lessons, and what extensions you use ? (may be you make some short videos about extensions and tuning visual studio?)

  19. Hitesh Rana says:

    Hey Mosh,

    I just finished your ASP.NET course. I really enjoyed it. You have a great teaching style. I look forward to your ASP.NET architecture course that you mentioned in your last video. Any idea when that will be available?

    Also out of curiosity will you ever create a course that shows you how to create angular applications using ASP.NET MVC?


  20. Albert says:

    Do SignalR course 🙂

  21. Michel says:

    Hi Mosh, I’m from Cuba and I can’t buy anything in Internet because we are blocade and many other things. I’m a computer informatics engineer but I’m always studying. How can I get your course if I can’t buy it?
    greetings from cuba

  22. Shashika says:

    Hi Mosh –

    Huge fan of your courses. Actually so far I have bought the mvc 5 only. Is it possible to release a course with angular 2 + It will be a blast and unique.

    Thanks Mosh.

    Shashika from New Zealand

  23. Ali Rahed says:

    Thank you

  24. TAOUFIK kml says:

    Hi Mosh. Im sooo happy to hear this. Im willing to pay for this course to get it and to help promote it too. There is one major area i need to see more is: database approch!
    Most importantly, **db first approach**. This is very important….Please include reading from tables, stored proc with parameters, functions, passing parameters from UI…etc. A real world app involve db design and implementation that include advanced topics in db. Not only application. Please please please. Include them. Thanks!
    Taoufik K.

  25. Heli says:

    Hi Mosh,

    I really enjoyed your Xamarin course on Udemy.
    I’d love to continue with a course on Unit Testing (on Udemy)!


  26. Ivica says:

    Hi Mosh,

    I started to learn Typescript and Angular2, I want to become front end developer, what would you suggest for back-end and authentication, nodeJS or core?

    Kind Regards,

    • admin says:

      Both are good. With Node you use JavaScript or TypeScript, with ASP.NET MVC you use C#. It’s your personal choice.

  27. Christian S. says:

    Hi Mosh,

    I just finished your Full-Stack-Developer series on Pluralsight and I really enjoyed it, especially your pragmatic approach to solve the problems!

    You asked to vote for a TDD course. Well, that would be interesting, but actually I would be more interested in combining Asp.Net MVC and Angular. Take the best of both worlds!

    Kind regards from Germany,

  28. Muhammad Zeeshan says:

    Hi Mosh. I am absolute new in programming, I am interested to learn development but due to lot of languages and changing dynamics of development industry, I am unable to find any single language which is better and affordable and starter for me to get in to the Development industry.
    My keen interest is in development.
    I hope you will give some sigh on this.

    • admin says:

      Hi Muhammad,

      Languages are like tools. They’re not that important. Knowing how to use the tools to make things is what matters. Just pick any language you want and stick to it to learn the fundamentals of programming. Once you learn the fundamentals of programming, you can pick any languages quickly.

  29. Jey says:

    Hey Mosh, great tutorials! Really enjoying learning C# with them.

    I was just wondering about one plugin you have in Visual Studio, the one that displays to which class/method the ending curly braces “}” correspond to.
    I sometimes get really mixed up with those brackets and I think that’d help me.
    Can you tell me the name of that plugin?

    Here’s a screenshot of what I mean:

  30. Jey says:

    Thanks Mosh

  31. Salam Mosh,

    Inspired by your knowledge and teaching techniques. I have bought almost all of your courses on Udemy and have taken the course on Pluralsight. I am full-stack developer coding from the time when there was on Foxpro 2.6 for dos and GWBasic or cobol 🙂 I am sure you remember that. Of the same age as yours, but you are far more superior in your expertise.

    Just wanted to say thank you for your efforts and keep up the great work.

    I am from Afghanistan living in Oslo Norway.

    Best regards

    Ibrahim Rahmani

  32. tanveer yousuf says:

    hi Mosh i like your videos i want learn angular 4 and ionic 3 but i am student and i have no money to purchase your video please discount me then i purchase subject and learn and bright future . I am waiting your reply thanks Regards, Tanveer Yousuf

  33. Omar Mahbub says:

    Hi Mosh, If i complete all the Web Development Path the next course is to take your courses at pluralsight “Become a Full-stack .NET Developer” or is not require.


  34. Dusan says:

    Hii Mosh, your courses are awesome. I’ve learned so much from you. Can you suggest me any book about architecture and design patterns? Best regards, Dusan.

  35. Haider says:

    I watched some of your tutorials. They were very helpful. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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